Laser Aviation


Precision Digital Laser Mapping



This innovative approach to cataloging parts is unique and highly useful to all major aircraft manufacturers (OEM’s), line maintenance providers and MRO’s. The cataloging of parts will enhance and streamline communications between OEM's and end-users. This will be achieved through the use of 3-D digital files which provides for accurate and timely exchange of information. Laser Aviation will approach the OEM's with our software product for applications to be applied on new and existing models.  Laser Aviation is developing this solution to create a worldwide cloud based parts catalog for commercial, military and general aviation aircraft.


Laser Aviation captures,with precise accuracy, the "AS IS" condition of an aircraft’s physical state as if you were standing in or near the aircraft and from any position. The client doesn't have to travel half way around the world to inspect your aircraft just to find that it isn't configured as they thought. The resulting aircraft files allow virtually unlimited access via the internet, at any time. We can provide a virtual survey for your aircraft with or without its documentation, which can be shared easily with other potential clients that you couldn't previously reach.

Product Development Through Digital Prototyping And Reverse Engineering

If a drawing exits we can reproduce the part in question with the precision of the original design all in a 3-d solid model. We are then able to reproduce the part by means of additive manufacturing (3-D printing) or, if appropriate, machine the part via more traditional methods.  This is especially helpful for rare aircraft restorations, or one-of-a-kind applications.


Every imaging project is unique and requires a seasoned scan technician that has the skills and talents to envision the finished product. This ability to visualize the end product and understand how the client will utilize the gathered data is of the utmost importance. A qualified scan technician must also have the ability to strategize and implement precise scan directives once deployed to the field. Our technicians have the resources and ability to develop solutions for problems that inevitably arise on the project. Laser mapping is fast and accurate, and once post processing has been completed, the files are provided to the client in any number of file formats which will meet their exact requirements, whether it's a solid model or the point cloud.


Aircraft Mapping Process (AMP) – Laser Aviation’s 3-D mapping process collects data with a laser scanner (non contact measurements) that generates as many as one to ten-million registered measurement points in minutes, and all scans can be referenced to the zero waterline, butt and station lines.

Training Scenarios

Laser Aviation plans to develop and provide 3-D educational and training materials that can be easily accessed from the internet. Head mounted displays (HMD) or other immersive media will be employed in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) forms. One or more aircraft maintenance trainees can be accommodated within the same environment and the experience is a far more valid and immersive experience. As the process matures, aircraft specific training will be developed to include system level detail. 

OEM system specific training, such as avionics, flight controls, engines, environmental and entertainment troubleshooting techniques can all be offered through this system. Using AR and VR will significantly reduce the time away from the hangar floor, thus keeping the wrenches turning. Our approach is to provide un-guided training via on line or classroom scenarios, along with the accessories required to provide local training in AR and/or VR which meets requirements for recurrent training supplemented by OEM advanced electronic interface.


Corporate Information

CAGE CODE: 6HF75    DUNS: 968993167   Primary NAICS CODE: 488190, 541330.